Best Fly Fishing Accessories – Essential

Best Fly Fishing AccessoriesBest Fly Fishing Accessories

This is a complete guide to finding the BEST fly fishing accessories in 2022.

In this guide, you will find:

  • Accessories that help you catch more fish
  • Accessories that save and protect you and your gear
  • Accessories that keep you organized
  • And more…

So if you’re ready to take your fly fishing to the next level, this is the place for you.

Let’s get to it.

 Best Fly Fishing Accessories That WILL Catch You More Fish

No matter what people say, nobody enjoys not catching fish. Don’t get me wrong! I love hanging out with friends and family at the river with flies in the water, but I also LOVE catching fish!

If there was 1 trade secret that could guarantee you catch fish every trip, well, let’s just say you would be rich if you knew it.

Unfortunately, there is no such trade secret or technique…

Thule Rodvault

However, some accessories will greatly increase your chances of catching fish.

The first one I want to mention is the Thule Rodvault Rod Carrier.

Thule Rodvault

Now I know what you’re thinking, how on earth would a rod carrier help me catch more fish? Well, it’s simple really!

There is a common saying in basketball that I’m sure you’ve heard that goes something like this, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Fly fishing is the same way!! If your fly isn’t in the water, well, you won’t catch anything!

If it takes you 20 minutes to set up your rod every time you change locations, you’re missing out on time you could be fishing!

For example, if you fished three different locations in 1 day, that’s 1 HOUR spent at the river without a fly in the water!

Colorado Pontoon Boat

Another accessory that will help you to catch more fish is a boat.

While a drift boat would be Ideal, it can be VERY expensive. I mean, take a look at this 21-year-old drift boat for sale at Hyde Outdoors for $8,000! And it’s 21 years old!!!

Drift Boat

Luckily, there is a more affordable solution that works great!

Pontoon boats are great for one person who wants to float the river in search of those coveted trout-packed pools.

The Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat on Amazon has great ratings and costs THOUSANDS of dollars less than a drift boat.Colorado Pontoon Boat


Safety and Protection

We all have fond memories of time spent on the water whether it was by ourselves or with friends. What we don’t want, are memories of damaged gear, injuries that we withstood, or even times when we were lost.

Experiences like this can put a sour taste in the mouth of even the most experienced angler.

Let’s look at some accessories that can help to prevent or fix these unlucky circumstances.

Handheld GPS

Most of us have spots close to us where we commonly fish, but ALL of us dream of fishing in places like the Flathead River in Montana, or maybe the Kenai River in Alaska.

While this would be absolutely amazing, it would be very easy to get lost if not careful.

You definitely should plan out your trips and decide on the locations you want to visit beforehand, but things never go according to plan.

Because of this, you must have access to a GPS like this Garmin 66i.


I understand that most of us have access to smartphones with GPS capabilities but, you most likely won’t have service where you’re at making your phone useless.

You also would have the ability to contact search and rescue 24/7 in the case of an emergency. Or you could even send two-way satellite messages to another device.

First Aid

Fly fishing is a fairly safe activity but not accident-free.

I can’t even number the number of times that I’ve caught a fly in myself, slipped on a rock and hurt myself, and more.

Now, I know that none of these are “serious” injuries, but they are worth treating.

That’s why it’s worth your while to carry a small first aid kit. Nothing crazy, just some bandages, alcohol wipes, ibuprofen, tweezers, and other similar objects.

First Aid

You may only use it now and then but when you or your buddy need it, you’ll be grateful that you had one!


“Honey, where’s my super suit?”

Now, this may just be a classic line from The Incredibles, or it may be a reminder that we need to be organized so we can find what we need when we need it!

Several times, I have made it all the way to the river and begun to set up my rod only to remember that I took out my fly box to refill it and it was sitting on my desk.

It’s important to organize your gear so that it’s tidy but I think one of the best “accessories” for the organization is having a system.

Put together a checklist before you hit the river. This will help you to remember everything you need as well as help you take stock of the condition of your gear. It might look something like this.

Check List

  • Fly Rod
  • Reel
  • Line
  • Rod carrier on the car (or rod case if that’s what you use)
  • Extra tippet (multiple sizes)
  • Enough Flies (they match the hatches and the target fish)
  • Sunglasses (polarized of course)
  • Tools (nippers, forceps, nail knot tool, hook sharpener would be a bonus)
  • Fishing pack or backpack
  • Landing net
  • First aid kit
  • GPS
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather (hat for the sun if applicable)
  • Waders AND boots
  • WATER (you don’t want to get dehydrated)
  • Food
  • Local hatch charts are good to have (take a picture of the charts at your local fly shop)
  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back
  • If you’re bringing a boat make sure that you have fuel, paddles, lifejackets if needed, etc.

Obviously, my list would be different than yours, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of what it might look like.

Physical Organization Accessories

While packing lists and checklists will keep you from forgetting items, you need to have a place to keep everything.

If you are anything like me, you probably have multiple rods and lots of gear. It can be easy for these items to get damaged or lost if you don’t have a way to organize all of them.

Here are a few of my absolute favorite organization accessories.

  1. The wader “taco” bag.
    1. These bags make transporting messy waders a breeze.They are also LIFESAVERS when it comes to changing out of waders or putting them on as they give you a place to stand so you don’t tear your neoprene booties.
    2. Obviously, if you don’t have waders you’ll probably want to get some. You can check out my review of the Simms Tributary waders for a good pair of fly fishing accessories
  2. The Orvis Sling Pack
    1. This pack is a perfectly sized pack with room for your water bottle, extra tippet, flies, a first aid kit, and much more. There are also spots for all your tools and your landing net.
    2. There is a secondary strap on this pack as well to keep it from sliding around.
    3. This pack is also made from 100% recycled ECO CORDURA. Orvis Sling Pack (best fly fishing accessories)
  3. Allen Company Cottonwood Fly Fishing Rod & Gear Bag
    1. This case fits up to 4 fly rods, multiple reels, and has space for lots of other essential gear. All of the compartments inside the box are removable and adjustable to fit your different sized gear. Allen Rod Case

These Were The Best Fly Fishing Accessories For 2022

So that’s it! I hope that you were able to find some helpful fly fishing accessories that will make your life as an angler easier.

I believe these accessories are the best fly fishing accessories for 2022, but if you have other accessories that you feel should’ve been in this article let me know in the comments! I reply to every comment.

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