Christmas Gifts For Fishermen (Fly Fishing)

christmas treeChristmas Gifts For Fishermen, Ideas:

Regardless of what your friends and family are into, it can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for them! It’s even harder if you aren’t familiar with the aspects of their hobbies. Fly fishing is no exception to this dilemma. I want to give you some ideas of possible Christmas gifts for your fishermen loved ones.

Fly fishing is a sport of many moving parts and a lot of equipment/accessories. This can be hard on your wallet if you’re an angler but it’s a blessing if you’re looking for gifts for a fly fisher. Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts for fishermen;

  • Fly fishing gear
  • Every day carry kit
  • Rod and reel cases
  • Fishing organization packs

Fishing Gear

When it comes to my hobbies, I’m a sucker for accessories and gear. Fly fishing is no exception! I have spent hours pouring over the newest and greatest in the industry. All the trying to convince my wife that this lanyard is worth the money because of how securely it holds your gear. If you have a loved one that is like this then I have some ideas for you.orvis sling pack

When you’re an avid angler you are always looking out for places to fish and sometimes you drive by an amazing spot but your gear is at home. Because of this, I keep a bag in my truck at all times with some gear in it.

Orvis makes an awesome 11L sling pack that’s pretty small so it won’t take up too much room in your car. This pack will hold anything that you’ll need for an impromptu trip. You can add forceps, nippers, tippets, a fly box, a reel in its case, and a small net. If you’re fishing tenkara you might even be able to keep your rod inside the pack! As a bonus, this pack is also made from 100% recycled material!

Any angler I know would love this addition to their gear! This pack can become their dedicated “grab bag” and will help to ensure they never miss a perfect fishing spot.

Everyday Carry Kit

An EDC kit doesn’t necessarily mean that you take it with you every day but rather every time you fish. If you fish every day then more power to you! However, for us average anglers, this kit will become something that we can rely on when we go hiking through the mountains on our fishing excursions.

An EDC might contain only a few items or it may carry quite a few items, it’s really up to the individual! To me, an EDC should have a few of these emergency essentials:

Emergency Essentials:

These items are all great to have if you get stuck or hurt and you’re far from your car. You probably won’t ever need all of them but sometimes those around you might need one of them! I, however, just like having the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for these situations.

Keep in mind that you could include all these items, some of them, or none of them! As you carry the kit more you’ll add and remove items as you see fit. With that being said, for a Christmas gift, these items are a great starting point and a gift like this will mean more than a store-bought gift because of the thought and the time that was spent putting this pack together.

I would be ecstatic to receive a gift like this purely because of the time that was spent and the thought that was put into it. guarantee that whoever you make this for will love it!

Rod and Reel Cases

When you spend a lot of money on a new phone and you want to keep it nice, what do you do? Well if you’re anything like me you get a nice case and screen protector! That way you can protect your new purchase and enjoy it for years to come. Fly rods and reels are the same way!

Usually, when you buy a fly rod or a reel they come with some sort of a rod sock or a soft carry case. These work but they aren’t going to offer the best protection. On top of that, they’re usually ugly! Luckily there is an easy solution, aftermarket rod and reel cases.

Christmas Gifts For Fishermen

When you look for a rod case you might get a little overwhelmed because of all the different options but I would decide first what your goals with it are. Some of these goals may include the following;


These would cover most of your needs when it comes to rod and reel cases. These will offer protection and give your rod and reel longevity.

Organization Packs

I love having organizers! When I go to find something I like knowing where it is and that it’s safe. The same applies to my fishing gear!

There are packs and bags for traveling, storing gear, actively fishing, and more. I don’t want to discuss all the different packs you could get but I want to talk about two specifics. A designated wader bag, and a large bag to keep all your gear safe and tidy.

Waders are essential to fishing in cold water or for long periods. The only problem is they can be large, messy, and wet when you’re done using them, and often there isn’t a good way to store them. Because of this, I would get a designated bag for your waders and boots.  This bag is great because it opens up into a large pad that you can stand on while changing, this will prevent damage to your wader booties.

Christmas Gifts For FishermenI would also get a large waterproof duffel to keep all your fishing stuff in when traveling to or from the river. Simms makes a nice 200L waterproof duffel that would be perfect! This bag is a good way to stay organized, especially if you’re fishing with other people and you don’t want gear getting mixed up.

 Best Christmas Gift For Fishermen?

All of these items would make great gifts and would no doubt be appreciated. If someone were getting me one of these I would pick the EDC pack just because it would mean more to me, but that’s me.

At the end of the day, you know your loved one better than I do and maybe they would rather have a large duffel over the EDC. If nothing else, I hope that I was able to give you some helpful ideas and guide you in the right direction.

If you might be looking for some good waders you can check out my post on the Simms Tributary Waders. Or if your loved one wants to get into “tenkara style” fishing, here is a GREAT beginner-intermediate level rod:

DRAGONtail Shadowfire 365

If you have any ideas of good Christmas gifts for fly fishermen, leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear!

Merry Christmas!!!

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