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Why You Need Waders!

If you have ever been skiing or snowboarding you understand the importance of snow pants. This one piece of clothing might decide whether or not you ever return to the slopes. Sure you can snowboard with jeans on but those of us who have, understand how miserable it is to feel like a wet, frozen popsicle all day. Fly fishing is the same way, and Simms Tributary Waders are the solution.

Of course, you can go wade fishing in pants or shorts but as the weather cools down or in cold mountain streams this gets old FAST! You will be looking at your trench foot-like feet, housed in your favorite sandals, all the while wondering how much longer you can take. No one enjoys enduring such feelings. That’s where waders come in.

When obtaining waders you can spend anywhere from $10 to well over $1,000. The question is, which waders can I get that will do the job well and yet, not break the bank. The answer, Simms Tributary Waders, and boots.

Simms Tributary Waders

As I mentioned earlier, waders can get quite expensive! Not many of us have an extra $1500 to through down on a pair of Patagonia waders and boots! Luckily, we don’t have to.

Simms is one of the most well-known brands in fishing. They are highly regarded for their quality, use-ability, and style. The Tributary waders are no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that I LOVE about my Tributary waders and some things I would change.

Pros:Amazon Tributary

  • Price, these waders retail for less than $200!
  • Quality, these waders are very durable, having 3 layers on the upper and 4 on the lower portion.
  • The stockings are made from thick neoprene.
  • Gravel guard keeps boots clear of debris.
  • Hand warming pocket for cold-weather fishing.
  • Compatible with Simms waterproof wader pouch and the Simms tippet tender.
  • Front zipper pocket for fly boxes or other fishing needs.
  • Comes with a 38mm nylon belt.
  • WARRANTY! These waders come with a great warranty! If your waders leak within the first 60 days, Simms will replace them with new ones! If they leak within the first year, Simms will repair the leak for FREE!


  • Other Models have a zipper down the front, which is really nice for ease of removal.
  • They only offer 1 color.
  • There is only 1 pocket on the front.

Simms Tributary Wader Boots

Just as waders are important, it’s important to have a nice pair of wader boots to use with your waders. Wader boots are different from other boots because they are MADE TO GET WET! This is the purpose of their creation. If you just wore an old pair of leather work boots the leather would dry out, crack, and tear. Not to mention the smell of old wet work boots!

Wader boots are specifically designed to give you the most comfort and grip in wet rivers on slick river rock. Nobody wants to slip and fall in the cold river while fishing. Not to mention that it can be dangerous to fully submerge your waders because they will be heavy due to the dozens of gallons of water they just took in. They could weigh you down and make it difficult to get out of the river. It’s better to just pick up a pair of wading boots! Simms tributary boots


  • They are less than $150!
  • These boots are VERY comfortable!
  • The toe has protective rubber to protect the boots against sharp rocks
  • They offer great ankle support!
  • They have great grip when walking through rivers and streams, or hiking to location.
  • They connect with your gravel guards to keep debris out.
  • They look great with your Tributary Waders!


  • They have laces and not the BOA system like some of the other wader boots on the market.

My Experience

My Simms

I bought a pair of these waders to try them out about two months ago. (I paid full price and was not sponsored to write this review) I have been very impressed with every aspect of these waders. I usually will “suit up” in the bed of my truck and then walk to wherever it is that I’m planning on fishing that day. The boots have been very comfortable when hiking to my fishing spot and haven’t given me any problems.

These waders have given me the ability to fish for longer periods of time without freezing. Once I do get cold and want to leave, it’s as easy as removing my waders to reveal my dry clothes and once I’m in my truck I immediately feel warm again. If I wasn’t wearing waders my clothes would be wet too and there would likely be no relief from the cold until I was home in a hot shower.

Another aspect that I love is the fact that the waders repel water so well that when I step out of the water they are practically dry. I will often wear them while I drive to the next spot and my truck stays dry. Obviously, they probably won’t always be like this but if you keep them waterproofed they will.

I usually keep my phone in the front pocket so that it’s accessible when I need to make a call or when I need to grab a picture of my catch and it works great! The pocket isn’t waterproof so if I was going deep enough to submerge that pocket I would put my phone somewhere else. However, I rarely go that deep.

It’s Decided, These Waders Will Change Fishing For You!

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to gear but every angler I have talked to will agree that waders are a crucial part of fishing and will extend your fishing season. I mean, you pay for a license for a full year so you might as well use it!!

The Simms Tributary Waders and boots will change the way you look at cold-water fishing and will lead you to love it! Take my word for it, these waders are great and will serve you well!

If you’re new to the sport check out my article on beginner techniques to jumpstart your fishing experience!

If you have a pair of Simms waders or you pick some up, let me know how you like them by leaving a comment below!

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